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Our global chapters will help healthcare projects and ventures get access to capital and funding from different sources

The goals of our global chapters are:

  • Improve health care, health education and the quality of life for the people around the world

  • Promote community health projects & healthcare innovation

  • Raise grants for community health needs

  • Award scholarships in the field of healthcare Capital & funding education

Our chapters are currently seeking:

-Lenders to assist with the Financing of international healthcare projects

-POF to assist in obtaining loans to fund major healthcare projects

-Leased Bank Instruments to be monetized for projects and/or Private Placement Platform

-Performing PPP in which can utilize to multiply its assets in order to further our mission domestically as well as abroad

-Lenders, Brokers, Investment Bankers, trade managers/groups, and financial consultants that can assist with funding and/or investing opportunities that will help Health Capital Network achieve its goals.

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