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      About us


Health Capital Network was created to facilitate financing for innovators and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry and introduce investors to the next generation of successful innovative ideas and concepts in life science,biotechnology,nutrition,medical devices,healthcare services and healthcare information technology.


The matching services at the Health Capital Network is working on many fronts to build, strengthen, and support the development of capital formation efforts of investors and innovators .HCN is exposing innovative technologies and concepts to the industry and is serving as a central repository for healthcare and medical innovation. HCN's membership is made up of organizations around the globe including venture capital funds, corporations, institutions, associations, government agencies and service providers.


Our objective is to help talented entrepreneurs build lasting businesses of significant value and to participate as active innovators. We accomplish this by mentoring and coaching those entrepreneurs in whose businesses seek investments. We have created one of the largest databases of global healthcare business investors. HCN gives you access to thousands of potential investors in the USA and around the globe.


Some of the greatest opportunities start from undercapitalized entrepreneurs who cannot get traditional financing from banks. Banks are lending less than ever to businesses and start-ups while angel investors are increasingly disenchanted with under performing equity markets and low interest rates. With HCN there now exists a greater opportunity than ever to bring all parties together to finance the next great healthcare enterprise. We want to provide our investors of all types with an opportunity to participate in our deals and projects.We also want to provide our innovators with access to capital through our various stages of funds that are tailored towards entrepreneur’s capital needs.


       Our mission is to : 

> Encourage the syndication of financing for healthcare-related companies around the world.
> Share expertise and experience among our member firms.
> Promote investing in global healthcare-related companies.
> Help talented innovated entrepreneurs build lasting businesses of significant value.

> Promote Life science investment opportunities like biotechnology, medical devices,healthcare information technology, and healthcare related services.

> Facilitate interaction among our members


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